Perlman, M. & Cain, A.A. (2014). Iconicity in vocalization, comparisons with gesture, and implications for theores on the evolution of language. Gesture, 14, 321-351.

Supplementary Tables

Supplementary Table 1. Proportion of word pairs significant by criterion for each acoustic variable
Supplementary Table 2. Antonymic words reliably distinguished by variable
Supplementary Table 3. Mean Pitch (Hz)
Supplementary Table 4. Maximum Pitch Change (Hz)
Supplementary Table 5. Pitch Range (Hz)
Supplementary Table 6. Duration (s) (Hz)
Supplementary Table 7. Intensity (dB)
Supplementary Table 8. Harmonics to noise ratio (dB)
Supplementary Table 9. Repetition rate

Vocal Charades Examples

alive dead
antagonistic friendly
attractive ugly
bad good
big small
bright dark
cold hot
difficult easy
down up
dry wet
dull sharp
fast slow
female male
few many
hard soft
heavy light (weight)
here there
last year next year
lift up set down
long short
new old
no yes
now later
nutricious poisonous
predator prey
rough smooth
start stop
straight to-the-side
strong weak
surprising predictable